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The Aerial Faith Plate

The Aperture Science Aerial Faith Plate is a testing element used in the Aperture Science Enrichment Center in Portal 2.


Created by Aperture Science for use from at least 1998, this catapult plate is part of a larger trust experiment designed to help Aperture Science discover whether the capacity for trust is affected by being catapulted into space.

  • Upon contact, these platforms fling Test Subjects (and any objects, such as Weighted Storage Cubes, Sentry Turrets, or Personality Cores) into the air with a 50,000 pound-foot force, allowing them to bridge massive gaps or place portals in otherwise inaccessible areas.[1][2]
  • When a Faith Plate fails to launch the user, it will emit a distress beacon, causing the blue lights on it to flash. In Portal 2, GLaDOS is informed of this and makes adjustments to the plate's maximum weight.
  • Though it is only seen being used once, Faith Plates have the ability to launch users sideways, rather than in the direction in which they are pointing.