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250px-Pipe network inside

Inside the Pipe Network.

The Aperture Science Pipe Network is a nexus of pipes and tubes connecting the Test Chambers throughout the Aperture Laboratories. A vital part of the testing process, it delivers to the chambers Weighted Storage Cubes through Vital Apparatus Vents, and any object through Pneumatic Diversity Vents.


They are an integral part of the Enrichment Center, connecting every Test Chamber and allowing for simple and automated distribution of Weighted Storage Cubes and other objects. The pipes use pneumatic pressure to carry various objects around the facility. Most of the time, the Pipe Network is bathed by a glowing orange light. This may be from the numerous incinerators scattered around the Aperture Laboratories, such as the Emergency Intelligence Incinerator and the Diversity Furnace. A large press can also be seen casting Weighted Storage Cubes and feeding them into the Pipe Network through a large funnel.